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{Between the Candle and the Star}

For I am Winterborn
6 September 1990
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About Me

I'm a University student getting her degree in English. I want nothing more than to make a living writing novels. I love science fiction, fantasy, and things with dark/gothic leanings. I'm insanely into music, alternative fashion, and the arts in general. I love to learn, and have many interests: computers and programming, poetry, Japan, medicine and anatomy, psychology, philosophy, parkour and martial arts, and many more.

I still participate casually in fandom and Internet culture, though more often than not I'm too busy to devote a large chunk of my time to it. I still write the occasional bit of fanfic, but these days I'm more interested in playing with my own characters.

This journal usually contains random real life ramblings, with the occasional fandom rant or squee. Right now I'm into Bioware's most recent games and Repo! the Genetic Opera.

If you have similar interests, feel free to friend me. I don't bite, and get along well with most everyone. I believe the Internet and especially fandom should be fun and low-stress, and that's the approach I take to it. :)